How ready are you for the circular economy?

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Get to know your readiness level, identify gaps and opportunities and prepare your company to kick-start a journey towards a circular model


Asses your company with the Readiness Assessment tool for the Circular Economy of MATCHE, developed by the Technical University of Denmark.

This is a first assessment screening on how ready your company is in the transition to the Circular Economy and it will help you to take the first step on your journey.

The Readiness Assessment is an evaluation of the readiness level of your company, based on the perception and judgement of the individual employees and should be taken by employees representing different hierarchical levels, functions and areas of your business.

The assessment is done through a pool of 30 questions corresponding to 30 success factors, based on a thorough review of Circular Economy success stories, case studies and best practices, and it takes 15 minutes to cover it.

Up to the moment, 39 manufacturing companies and 51 employees have contributed to the prototype test via real submissions.

8 Readiness Dimensions are in focus when evaluating how ready your company is in the transition to the Circular Economy: organization; strategy and business model innovation; product and service innovation; manufacturing and value chain; technology and data; use, support & maintenance; takeback & end-of-life strategies; policy & market.

The assessment includes:
  • > A readiness score (generated from the consolidated Readiness Assessments submitted by employees)
  • > A strength and gap analysis (indicating the best way to start your transition)
  • > Benchmarking data (which will help you check your scores in relation to other) and…
  • > Recommendations on how to get started.

Keep in mind that the goal is to achieve insights, inspiration, and a shared understanding.

Read more about this readiness assessment tool and about the MATChE project.