Meet the 24 beneficiaries from C-Voucher 2nd Open Call for Adopters!

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19 April, 2021

Get to know the names of the 24 projects that were selected as champions of C-Voucher second Open Call for Adopters of Circular Economy. Finalists took part in a the 3-month Circularity Value Replication Programme, and have received  €15,000 and access to the support of a Designer-in-Residence and coaching sessions with business and funding experts.

The list of finalists includes projects from 12 different EU countries: France, Italy and Denmark are the ones that have had the highest number regarding selected adopters.

The verticals corresponding to the winners domain, starting by the most represented, are:

Manufacturing 🔗

  1. New life for waste of metal processing sheets by Nestart srl
  2. Traceless – extending the circular cross-sectoral value chain by traceless materials GmbH
  3. Making concrete 100% recycled for construction 3D printing by Hyperion Robotics Oy
  4. Ideas from ex-trash by Design Thinkers & Makers S.L.
  5. 3D Construction Printing by Renotech Oy
  6. Development of Circular Take-back System for Plastic-Free, Biodegradable & Recyclable Paper Cups by PlasticFri AB 
  7. The second life of cigarette butts by KeeNat
  8. Point six by Brainwash
  9. Improved resource utilization: Micro ingredient dosing in food processing by Jesma Vejeteknik A/S

Textile 🧵

  1. Natural Outdoor Clothing by FreyZein Urban Outdoor GmbH
  2. Textile materials from hemp by-products by RBX Créations
  3. Circular Wool by Lottozero società cooperativa
  4. Circular hotel textiles by VarUnik AB
  5. Workwear’s circular business model by CIRK-L AB
  7. Leasing of circular bed textiles by BeddingHouse B.V.

Agro-food 🌱

  1. Edible Containers by Mancare cu Suflet SRL
  2. Innovative and sustainable mushroom food supplement production using dairy industry by-products by Hifas da Terra S.L.
  3. Bio-electroactive artificial soil to recover nutrients and turn soil-less agriculture ‘circular’ by Algaria srl
  4. Reusable beer bottles by Deck & Donohue Bières Fines
  5. Superfeed for mealworms by Bug-Farm

Blue-growth 🌊

  1. Digital Public Hydration Stations for Safe Drinking Water to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution by MYWATER d.o.o.
  2. Biostart by Biostart

Health 🩺

  1. Product Life Cycle Extension of QuasaR™ Medical Device for Disease Prevention  by Think Biosolution Limited 

Do you want to know more about them? Find them in the Circular Economy Cases Portfolio within C-Voucher Online Community!