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C-VoUCHER will support 66 European SMEs in the creation of new innovative business models with circular economy approach.
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Nº SMEs selected
6 out of those for
circularity program
Program name Expected outcomes Innovation Voucher value
Circularity Program
1st batch:
October 2018

2nd batch:
Autumn 2019
24 for Prototype-athon, 12 out of those for circularity program Circularity Program (9 months) 6 Circularity Solutions Up to €58k per SME
Adopter SME Open Call
1st batch:
Summer 2019

2nd batch:
Aug - Oct 2020
42 Adopter SMEs Circularity Value Chain Replication (3 months) 21 Feasibility studies €15k per Adopter
Designers in residence
This is a constant open call to recruit designers in residence to help the SMEs selected for the two programs.

SMEs will be selected through 4 open calls:

  • 2 to discover SMEs willing to implement Circular Solutions: Circularity Program.
  • 2 additional Open Calls to select Adopters willing to replicate those solutions: Circularity Value Replication Program.

The 2 Open Calls from the Circularity Program are expected to select up to 24 Classic SMEs (12 per call) which will be invited to the Circularity Prototype-athon and will be granted a lump sum of €2K per SME.

The 12 Circularity SMEs showing the biggest potential will be selected to join the Circularity Program gaining:

  • Support services from a DiR (Designer-in-Residence) and top business mentors.
  • Innovation vouchers for services by disruptive companies (up to €58K per SME).

Each Circularity SME is expected to reach a Circularity Solution and create an innovative, cross-sectoral value chain based on the circular economy approach.

The 2 Open Calls from the Circularity Value Replication Program, will select 42 Adopter SMEs for the program. They will get a lump sum for creation of feasibility studies (up to €15K per SME) and support services from a DiR (Designer-in-Residence) and from business mentors.