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C-VoUCHER aims at generating new cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains with a circular economy approach, by combining industrial value chains (Agro-Food, Health, Sea Industries, Textile & Manufacturing) with enabling Technologies (Digital, Hybrid & Engineering), through design thinking concepts.
This will be implemented by two programs supporting European SMEs in new business models: The Circularity Program and the Circularity Value Replication Program

Circularity Open Space

Previous to those programs, C-VoUCHER will create an open space with:

  • A Circularity Designers-in-Residence (DiRs) Pool to help SMEs design their new solutions.
  • A Disruptors Catalogue with technologies ready to use.
  • A network of Regional Innovation Hubs (Circularity RIHs).
  • A Circularity Challenges Catalogue highlighting key topics for the open calls.

Circularity Program

This 9 months program will help Circularity SMEs reach “Circularity Solutions”. It offers:

  • Support services from a Designer-in-Residence (DiR) and business mentors to plan a Circular Solution Predefinition, and
  • Innovation vouchers to interact with disruptors for the take up of “enabling technologies” in the frame of Circular Economy Building Blocks.

Up to 24 Classic SMEs will be selected through 2 Open Calls to take part in a previous Prototype-athon, and the best 12 best will be invited to the Circularity Program to create new solutions.

To see indicative dates go to the
Open Calls section.

Circularity Value Replication Program

This 3 months program aims at Adopter SMEs willing to incorporate or get inspired by the Circularity Solutions developed. It offers designers in residence professional services to define their own road map and incorporate those solutions in their processes (Feasibility Plan).

42 adopter SMEs that will take part in the program will be selected through 2 Open Calls.

Beyond the project

The project will leverage €6 million of complementary funding for selected SMEs, and a “Circular Design Toolkit for Regions” will be produced to mainstream the methodology in other EU Regions.