Results of the Circular Economy 2nd Open Call for Adopters

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6 November, 2020

Applicants from 26 countries submitted a total of 178 proposals to the Second Open Call for Adopters of C-Voucher.

The verticals attracting the most of the applications have been Manufacturing (72) and Agro-food (50), followed by Textile (32), and finally Health (15) and BlueGrowth (9). The highest concentration of participants was in Spain (30) and Sweden (24), followed by Italy (17) and France (14).

See further details in the figure below.

24 of those applicants will be selected and invited to join the 3-month Value Chain Replication Programme, and will get up to €15,000 and access to the support of a Designer-in-Residence and coaching sessions with business and funding experts to create a feasibility plan.

Evaluation process is ongoing now and the selected finalists will be announced in the coming weeks.

C-VoUCHER is the first pan-European initiative, funded by the European Commission, aiming at the adoption of the concept of the Circular Economy to transform linear value chains (cradle to waste) towards circular models (cradle to cradle®). The project is distributing a total of €4.2m to SMEs through 4 open calls.